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Aims… Objectives and a bit of history…

The Everton Community Association (ECA) is a registered Charity (No 1044718) and exists entirely for the benefit of the Everton Villagers. It is very much the Villagers Association and is run by a Committee of volunteers drawn from its membership which includes all individuals who live within Everton. The Constitution states that the ECA exists:

‘… to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Everton, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or political opinions, by associating together the inhabitants and local authorities,voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreational and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitant…’

Everton Community AssociationThe Association came into being around 1980 and was in effect an offshoot from the Fund Raising activities of the Everton Pavilion and Recreation Ground Committees.The original Committee was made up of a diverse body of individuals who represented the various groups within the Village, such as the WI, Legs, the Ramblers, the Bridge Club, The Church, the Everton Football Club.

Today, that is no longer the case, although anyone within those groups would still be very much encouraged to take an active role in running the Association. The Committee is elected every year at the AGM and help is always needed and welcomed on an individual basis. Anyone who has an interest in helping nurture the Community and the future of the Village, and who lives within the Village is more than welcome to join!

The Committee meets every two months and currently listens to reports from the Festival Committee, the Newsletter Editor, St Mary’s Church Social Committee, the Hordle Parish Council and the Everton Pavilion. If any other group wants help or information they are welcome.

The main aim of the Association is to look after the Village and its residents. Acting as a point of contact and a hub for village activities. It listens to residents concerns about parking, roads, landscaping within the village and will endeavour to approach local authorities on behalf of the Village.

But beneath its umbrella, also sits such things as the Everton Village Arts Festival and Everton News who are given help and if needed financial support.

For more information contact :Secretary Elizabeth Kempe – Tel: 01590 718792


The Committee raises its funds through Fetes, tombolas, raffles, car boot sales and donations and more recently the annual Village Festival.

This has enabled it to establish, the Cold Calling Zones, a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (now lacking a co-ordinator) Christmas parties for the elderly, and disco evenings for children. The ECA has provided financial help to the Community Halls when in need of roofing, soft furnishings, flooring. It has landscaped and planted verges and communal areas within the Village.

Current interests and recent activities

Resident Parish Councillor

Rob Tarbard and family

Rob Tarbard and family

Councillor Rob Tarbard is resident in Everton and represents the interests of Everton Village residents.
07841 224577 / admin@hordleparishcouncil.gov.uk

The Everton Village Festival

The Committee that organises the Festival is not made up entirely of ECA Committee members, although many serve on both. The ECA acts as banker, paying invoices up front before any funds come in and in the event of a shortfall is prepared to pick up the deficit.

The Everton News

In the past this was entirely financed by the Parish Council. Today its revenue comes through advertising, but In order to keep a reasonable balance between adverts and news articles, the ECA is there to help with any shortfall.

The Everton Village Website – www.everton-lymington.co.uk

This is updated and run by a member of the ECA Committee and is linked to the Everton Festival website www.evertonfestival.com.

The Everton Village Facebook Page.

This is managed by a member of the ECA. This is a new venture and was set up with the aim of acting as a hub for the local groups , giving news and contact details.

…and into the future

The ECA continues to provide funds annually for the various charitable Christmas parties that are held within the Village and is always happy to consider financial help for various projects. In addition to this, in 2018 discussions began involving the amalgamation of the Pavilion and ECA Committees.

A glance through the Everton News shows that Everton is a vibrant and energetic Village, this is achieved by many individuals quietly working away behind the scenes. However, if this is to continue, more help is needed. If you have just come to live in Everton, or have suddenly found yourself with time on your hands then please come forward and take an active role either by joining the Committee or by offering help in any way you can. (Co-option is always available!)

Over the years the ECA has amassed a variety of tables, chairs, display screens and sundry other domestic type items which can be hired for a small fee by any Villager.

Contact Bob Cockburn 01590 645460

Everton Sports and Community Pavilion

The Pavilion is sited in the North of the Village in the Recreation Ground,which can be accessed from Frys Lane and Greenmead Avenue.

Everton Community Pavilion is a registered Charity itself and is run by a committee of volunteers for the benefit of the Village, it is currently independent of both the Parish Council and the ECA although discussions as to an amalgamation with the ECA, are currently underway. ( As of early 2018 when this publication goes to print)

The Pavilion houses changing rooms for the Everton Football Club and has a community hall with a kitchen, an ideal size for childrens’ parties, group meetings and small social gatherings. The pavilion is also home to the Acorn Pre-school every weekday morning in school term.

Enquiries to Jackie May 01590 644648