Everton Community Association

The Everton Community Association (ECA) is a Charitable Organisation. Its Objects are set out in the Constitution and must be adhered to. Initially it was the fundraising part of the Pavilion Committee, but as the Everton Pavilion became self- sustaining through its rentals, the two split and it became a stand alone body.

Everton Community AssociationIt operates within Everton Village and acts solely for the benefit of the residents, specifically in promoting the wellbeing, both educational and spiritual of the residents. The Committee is made up of General members, and of representatives of the Village Groups and the statutory body, Hordle Parish Council. (HPC.)

Whilst each Group may not always be represented on the Committee, it is known that the ECA should be the first call for help, either financially or for moral support.

The ECA is inextricably linked to many of the Village groups that work towards furnishing the Objects. These are groups such as the WI, St Mary’s Church, the Everton Pavilion, Legs, but in particular the Village Festival, which not only acts as a fund raiser for the ECA but fulfils many of the Objects.

The Everton Community is thriving, is well known and respected for its support of the Village Festival and bi annual Newsletter. Both of these are supported by the ECA, both came to fruition via the ECA and both are heavily involved with the ECA body, through Committee membership and bimonthly reports.

There are other groups within the Village that are similarly supported.


The Funds that are held by the ECA appear to be at a constant. However these monies are necessary to bankroll the various activities that are run by the ECA. One of these is the Everton News which costs an average of £1000 per year to publish. Funds are replaced by these during the Year and to date the amount has remained stable and actually increased.

One example of how funds can be used on an individual basis is…

In the year prior to Covid restrictions, the ECA led a working party consisting of the Chairman, another Committee member and a member of the wider association. The focus of the working party was on the provision of a memorial stone. After a year of negotiation the stone was erected at St Mary’s Church. The stone itself was paid for by Barrie and Carole Morgan whilst the ECA paid for its erection and the Plaque. It has been well used since, both during public ceremonies, at the annual War Memorial Service and also by private individuals who have come to seek peace during bereavement. On these occasions the Church has allowed the ECA to use the Church Hall facilities. Previous memorial services were held outside the Garage on the Recreation Ground, beside the Flagpole. There was no focus for the memorial. A new flag and portable flag pole has since been purchased.

In the past, ECA attention has also focused on the provision of memorial benches, the purchase of soft furnishings for the Church Hall and for the Everton Pavilion. It has organised and held Discos and parties for children and has encouraged, village competitions. Its latest venture was to encourage and support the Christmas Lights Competition.

The ECA also set up the Cold Calling Scheme which has now been extended throughout Everton. In the past it has supported a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, this is now in abeyance due to lack of a lead volunteer coming forward.

There are two social media sites in Everton, The Everton Village Website which was set up approximately 8 years ago, and The Everton Village Voice. They are both financed and overseen by members of the ECA. You can contact the ECA via either of them.

…and into the future

The ECA continues to provide funds annually for the various charitable Christmas parties that are held within the Village and is always happy to consider financial help for various projects.

A glance through the Everton News shows that Everton is a vibrant and energetic Village, this is achieved by many individuals quietly working away behind the scenes. However, if this is to continue, more help is needed. If you have just come to live in Everton, or have suddenly found yourself with time on your hands then please come forward and take an active role either by joining the Committee or by offering help in any way you can. (Co-option is always available!)

Everton Sports and Community Pavilion

Everton Sports and Community Pavilion in Frys Lane began life as modest wooden changing rooms, put up in the recreation ground along with children’s play equipment and a flagpole in 1967. Thirteen years later, the Everton Community Association (ECA) was set up and the then-chairman of Everton Youth Football, Alan Mathews, was pressing the Parish Council for funds to replace the old changing block.

The ECA realised that if the scope of use was widened, grants from New Forest District Council would become available and so the idea of a community building with football facilities was born. To keep costs down the admin of the project was managed by Alan Mathews with Bill Cornish volunteering as site agent and carpenter, while others gave time and skills free of charge. The Parish Council donated £4,000, other grants totalled £20,000 and the rest was fundraised, with work finally beginning in 1985.

The pavilion opened in August 1986 with the land leased to a charity, Everton Pavilion and Management Committee, with members drawn from village groups such as the WI, Neighbourhood Watch, Ladies Evening Group, Everton Community Association and Everton Ramblers plus independent members as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

There was a pre-school using the building by day and village groups using it in the evenings. There were showers, changing rooms and a petanque court. Informally known as the Bill Cornish Pavilion, it has a large community room named after Stanley Jolliffe, who was tragically killed at the recreation ground in 1969 while volunteering for the annual firework display. There is also a kitchen adjacent to the main hall.

Today the pavilion remains a modern, warm, pleasant space for villagers. The committee make-up has changed to reflect the different groups now using the main room, Everton Youth Football is no more but petanque is going strong. Instead of the pre-school a wide range of activities from art, dancing and meditation to yoga and pilates are on offer, as well as the hall being used for support groups, rehearsals by local music groups, children’s parties and charity fundraisers. In addition to the main hall there is now also a smaller room available which is perfect for complementary therapists to hire, or for small-scale business or association meetings.

To see what’s on, how to book and who to contact, check out our page on Facebook. Our details are also on the Everton village website and on the noticeboard outside the pavilion.